The Ritual is a high vibrational shop that consciously creates and offers ceremonial tools, ritual kits, crystals,

sage bundles, potions, herbal incense and goddess beauty elixirs. All to assist awakening souls with healing,

enlightenment, self love and living a high vibe lifestyle. Connecting the bridge between the higher self

to this physical reality by invoking love light energy to live a spiritual driven existence.

Everything is hand crafted by The Ritual Goddess in a Ritual ceremony of love and light. 




The Ritual Goddess

Krystal Marie G.Owner & Goddess of The Ritual

Hello there Divine Souls!

I am a conscious creator of beautiful tools and rituals for healing, love and invoking the light. I offer my spiritual guidance, energy and extra sensory perception to assist you in aligning to your highest self.


Being a light worker, divine feminine and empathic soul, my purpose is to aid in the planetary shift and to anchor in the fifth dimensional energy to earth.  My goal is to assist awakening souls on the sacred journey of healing, self love, ascension and living a high vibrational lifestyle.   

So much love and light!