Healing Rituals are the perfect way to bring deep healing and cleansing to the body, mind  and soul. As we awaken, inner healing is crucial to ascension and higher vibrational living: This High Vibrational Healing Ritual kit includes:

• Rosemary Purification Smudge for cleansing,
• Palo Santo to seal the energy
• Cleanse Bath soak to recharge Auric energy
• Clear Quartz Crystal for healing
• Moon Mist Cleanse to reset, uplift energy & Sacred spaces
• Ritual Reiki Infused spirit healing candle
• Ritual Instructions / Spell card

Healing comes from within, In order to heal you must fully awaken and align yourself with the highest vibration of love and light.

All Ritual Kits are hand crafted in a Ritual Ceremony, blessed with love and light.

As you create a sacred space to perform the Ritual, Invoke your inner light, higher self and the divine to guide you.




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