Attract prosperity and abundance.This blend features gold flakes, herbs for drawing prosperity, luck and abundance mixed with top grade essential oils, herbs and hand crafted and mixed with loving energy. Manifest and draw to yourself, a job, business or just attract prosperous energy into your life.
Native White SAGE is a purifying herb and is known for its healing power and clearing negative Energy. AVENTURINE  known for luck, abundance and money is included and adds vibrations of energy to the blend.Can be used in meditation, cleanings or spell work.


Put a small amount of blend into a cauldron, Incense Burner or heat safe dish. Light blend or put over charcoal to let smolder. Let the smoke purify, cleanse and add power to your Ritual or spell. Meditate on a flow of prosperity coming into your life, like it’s already there. All hand wrapped in a Ritual ceremony blessed and Infused with love and light energy.

Comes in a resealable 8 oz glass jar, with screw lid for easy storage and access.



Uses: light Sage and gently blow out flame, best used with charcoal. Use the white smoke to purify your areas. Always use a heat safe dish, cauldron or incense burner. Can be used in burning, dressing candles, carried, used in spell work or  to create aroma in room.