Love+ Light are the energy that any healer, light worker, starseed or newly awakened being needs for harmonious convergence of heart to higher self. High vibrational smudges perfect for cleansing Rituals, New home blessings, clearing a sacred space, work space, yoga studio, meditation area and clearing own energy/ auric feild. Smudging is an Ancient Ritual used to release negative energies and keep a sacred space pure, full of positive light energy. Many Ancient civilizations burned sage in sacred temples, native americans burned sage in ceremonies to cleanse and release spirits to higher realms. SAGE is powerful for its magical properties of cleansing, as well as removing bacteria from the air in small spaces when burned.

The magickal properties of ROSE is known for happiness and Love. Blue Sage has a feminine feel with a sweet aroma. This bundle of love is comes with A DANBURITE Crystal which is known for spiritual healing, connects and attunes the heart chakra to the crown, which then gently opens it to higher aspects. Has a loving , pure vibration that uplifts the spirit and opens access to the Soul Star Chakra.

All Ritual Smudges are blessed during a Ritual Ceremony, infused with love and light energy, and wrapped during the most vibrant moon cycles.

Meditate, light Sage blow out flame, let white smoke purify your sacred space. Go from corner to corner in the clock wise order with love and light affirmations, cleansing away negative energies. Open windows to release smoke, Then distinguish Smudge, let dry out.

Approximately 9-10 inches
Can be used more than once, as it is a large smudge. Once burned low, can remove Crystal and use a healing tool during meditations.