Sage is a sacred herb used for purifying and cleansing areas. Moon mist is a mystical combination of Sage, Crystals and Moon energy in a bottle. 

CLEANSE your Auric energy or sacred space with crystal infused smudge spray. With
Quartz Crystal which is known for healing and clarity, BLACK TOURMALINE is for grounding and protection, and CITRINE which is an energizing uplifting crystal that dissipates negative energy. This cleansing mist also features pure high vibrational powerful water from Mt. Shasta. 

All hand crafted and bottled one at time in a Ritual Ceremony, blessed with love and light energy. 

INVOKE: “ I remove any unwanted negative energies from my Aura, energy and sacred space, I Invoke higher vibrations of light to 
Cleanse and heal” 

Cleanses your ritual sacred areas, home, bedroom, meditation area, Altar, yoga mat, office or self.

If you can't light a smudge , you can spray this sacred mist! Any time you feel depleted, stressed or can’t actually light a smudge you can Mist to uplift your energy to positive-vibes.



Shake gently and spray mist. 
2 fl. oz

The Ritual Store | | Northern California

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