Citrine is known as the success stone, has bright happy energy and is known to attract success and prosperity. Associated with the solar plexus chakra this gem can increase persons power and energy. This Crystal also can clear negative and unwanted energies, never having to be recharged.Citrine Moon Potion is hand crafted with uplifting citrus essential oils and Amplified with Quartz Crystals, and Citrine Crystals.

All crystals are charged with Lunar energy to give this gem Elixir power, raise vibrations and clear your Auric field.

Use on skin after a shower or bath, the energy charged oil helps clear and upliftYour Auric field. Can be used in a Ritual bath by adding a couple of drops to warm bath.All bottled one at a time, blessed and Infused with love and light.



 Can be used on face and body, added to a bath or even used to dress alter candles. All natural light aroma

Comes in glass vial with dropper

2 fl oz