High Vibrational moonstone Crystal Mermaid Shell is connected to divine feminine energy and to the water element. Crystals Amplify energy to help heal and connect to the earth. 
Hand crafted with love each crystal has been hand picked, cleansed and charged with energy to bring in the highest healing vibration. 

Crystal infused with Moonstone which is known as the stone of intuition, metal clarity and divine feminine energy. this connects to our intuition, the moon, dreams, and brings in sacred feminine energy perfect for healing Rituals. Brings in peaceful, nourishing and sensual energy. Perfect to be used as a tool for burning sacred smoke in cleansing ceremonies, or a beautiful crystal dish. 

This shell is connected with the water element giving vibrations of love, beauty, caring, gentleness, peace and compassion.

Can be used a smudging Shell to catch the ashes of sage or used to burn small amounts of herbal Incense. Can also be used to hold crystals or jewelry 

Approximately 3-4 inches varies in size and color due to being a natural shell.