This trio includes three beautiful Sage smudges with flowers, rose, lavender and Crystals adorned to amplify energy. ROSE QUARTZ  for love vibrations, AMETHYST for spirituality and CLEAR QUARTZ for Healing: Sage is a sacred herb known to clear away negative energy from a sacred space. Start your Rituals with smudging, to clear your space for any manifestations, spells, Rituals, Meditations, Yoga and Spiritual practices . Invoke the love and the light. Includes 3 High Vibe Smudge sticks with Ritual Card. 

Meditate, light Sage blow out flame, let white smoke purify your sacred space. Go from corner to corner with love and light affirmations, cleansing away negative energies.

All Smudges are hand crafted, Infused and blessed with Love and Light in a Ritual Ceremony.

Natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free