Organic White Sage offers its high vibrational plant medicine for healing, loose leaves are used in sacred smoke ceremony. 

| HEAL |

Bring in cleansing and light into your home, office, meditation area or space. Cleanse Auric energy, sacred spaces, altars, crystals before Rituals. Perfect for home cleansings or blessings to raise the vibration. ROSE is known to to attract loving energy. 

| LOVE |

All of our sage is organically grown and sustainably harvested from sage farm, grown with love. 


“I Invoke the Divine Spirit of Love and light
to cleanse my sacred space, remove lower energies and bring in healing, love, light, abundance, protection and positive energy”


Meditate, light Sage blow out flame, let white smoke purify your sacred space. Go from corner to corner with love and light affirmations, cleansing away negative energies. 

1 oz loose sage leaves

SACRED SMOKE Organic Loose White Sage leaves