Selenite Crystal Charging Bowl, is a high vibe addition to your ritual tools. This beautiful polished white bowl can be used to cleanse your crystals, hold jewelry and other adornments. 

SELENITE has the ability to cleanse, clear and protect your sacred space and own energetic  fields. With its soft white cleansing light, it creates a high vibrational space. It can also recharge and clear crystals or crystal Jewelry of residual energy, which is a must for any crystal lover, light worker or healer. 

All crystals and tools are cleansed and charged with crystal singing bowl alchemy, love and intention in our sacred space. 

This crystal is also connected to mental clarity and channeling during meditations, tarot readings or spiritual practices that connect to higher realms.

Place Crystals delicately in bowl, can leave over night or 24 hours to recharge. Can also add salt in bowl with crystals to cleanse. Also can be used to recharge Crystal Jewelry or hold small items. 

3 3/4 inch width 2 3/4 inch height 
* Not for ingestion, do put water or food in dish, only for external use* 
Crystals in image not included, Sold separate