Starseeds are beings that have experienced life in non-physical dimensions and other planets. They are old souls who tend to have knowledge about things, even if they cannot explain them. 

This spiritual handbook for old souls will pave a pathway to reconnecting and remembering who you truly are on a soul level. Experience the healing effects of the twin flame journey, meditation, the Tarot, astral travel, sexual energy, essential oils, and much more designed to help identify spiritual blocks and gracefully progress through the ascension process. 

These sacred rituals, personal stories, and healing ceremonies from 46 unique Soulpreneurs will invoke the divine framework for those who feel ready to step into higher realms and join the generation of Lightworkers living on Earth today. 

Krystal Marie G. (Owner of The Ritual), is a Co-author of the book, with a chapter about Ascension and the planetary shifts occurring during this time of the awakening.  

Introduction by Angel Quintana, brought to you by Holistic Fashionista & 5D Publishing.