• Krystal Marie G

Charging Your Crystals

Crystals harnest energy and diffuse energy. These beautiful gems from our earth need to be nourished, cleared of negative energy and recharged to maintain metaphysical properties.

The first step is clearing unwanted or negative energy from the crystal by smudging, running under cool water, rain water,by amethyst clusters, in sea salt or bury them in ground. Once you have taken that step the next is to charge them.

There are different methods and ways to charge a crystal. Solely depending on what type of corresponding energy you would to harness in your gem. Some of these include methods of lunar energy during moon cycles, the sun, the earth , thunderstorms or even fire from candle magic. These all are intune with the power coming from the beholder as well as the elemental method used. Most common and personally preferred is using the Moons energy as her energy effects our energy as well as the earth.

Charging Crystals by moons lunar energy is best done over night outside under direct moonlight, so the precious gem can soak up the lunar energy for full effect. If unable or there is no access to placing your crystals outside another option is on a window seal or inside in view of the moon with her vibrant light decending upon the crystal. These follwing cycles are inteended for different energies and desires of each moon.

Full moon has a powerfull vibration of energy and is a common way to charge. It corresponds to manifestation, attraction, abundance,love and amplifying energy and desires.

New moon is a time for new begginings, letting go of unwanted energies,solitude and setting new intentions.

Earth Burial can be done by burying crystals in soil, they soak up grounding earth energies.

Sunlight uses the powerful energizing rays of warm light for a few hours, but it may fad some crystals.

All these methods are a great and effective way to charge crystals. It can be done in a simple manner or can be incorporated into a full healing ritual. HEAL LOVE INVOKE.


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