• Krystal Marie G

Benefits of Lavender


Lavender is a beautiful purple flower that can be found all around and in many places. This plant has ben used for over 2,500 years dating back to Egyptian times. Lavender is commonly used is making essential oil which is one of the most popular essential oils used in the world. The aromatic scent is calming, relaxing and has many natural benefits. One of my personal favorites, lavender is a super flower with amazing properties to heal, relax and give peace of mind.

Lavender not only looks beautful in a garden, or hanging in a home it also can benefit skin, be used in aromatherapy , improves moods, helps with sleep, a natural air freshener, used in cooking but also has antioxidents and even can be used for medecinal uses.

For the Skin lavender is full of antioxidents , antibacterial and anitseptic properties. This herb is known for aiding in skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and detoxifying skin. Also can help with dandruff and hair loss and most importantly an anti-aging, decreasing wrinkles.

Medicinal uses of lavender essential oil include healing burns, healing insect bites, soothing tired muscles , even relieving headaches, lowering blood pressure ,help circulation and aiding in digestive health.

Amoratherapy is a primary use of lavender, most commonly is used for calming and relaxation.

A few drops of lavender essential oil can be rubbed on temples, wrists or feet for a peaceful effect on the body. Inhaling the aroma of lavender can create a calming relaxing effect which can help sleep. May be used when relaxing the mind for meditation as well. Lavender essntial oils are used in many natural bath and body products such as soaps, cleansers, bath soaks, facial steams , clay masks, bath oils, natural cleaning pruducts and massage oils. A couple drops added to a hot shower or bath does wonders for a relaxation experience.

Food grade lavender is used in teas, baking and cooking. Lavender also is a great dried in a home naturally adding a peacefull fragrance to any room. In wiccan and pagon culters manyb believe lavender planted around a home is protection. When used in spells it is used as an herb of love and protection. Many religions use this beautiful herb in different ceromonies as it has so many uses.

(Photo: The Ritual, Lavender is fresh from the garden, essential oil edens garden)

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