• Krystal Marie G

CLEAR QUARTZ: The Master Healer

Clear Quartz Crystals are high in vibrational energy which is known for metaphysical healing. One of the most recognized crystals and the second most abundant crystals on the earth. This clear crystal is known as the master healing stone physically, spiritually and emotionally. This crystal activates and harmonizes all chakras, is a gift from mother earth. Many ancient cultures believed quartz crystals to living beings of divine energy reincarnated into the crystal. Known as a Master healer, quartz bring strength, clarity and healing energies.

These beautiful clear crystals not only amplify energy, they can be programmed with intent and energy into it because it can retain memory. Physically this quartz stimulates the immune system, enhances energy and balance into the body.

Clear quartz is a master healer for illness drawing out pain or aiding in healing of sickness. Spiritually quartz crystals are attuned with the universal divine energy, opening communication with spiritual dimensions,minerals, plants, animals, and higher energies. Emotionally this crystal is purifying, stimulating positive thoughts, energy and balance. Quartz is soul cleansing, enhancing clarity and healing. This crystal is amazing to use in baths, meditations, crystal grids, crystal mediation, elixirs or potions, chakra balancing, crystal healing or even carried.

Many Ritual Products including moonshine elixirs ,moon mists, bath soaks and smudges are infused with clear quartz because of there healing vibrating energy.

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