• Krystal Marie G.

Rose Rituals

When we think of roses we always see them in beautiful bouquets being given to a loved one or blooming in a garden. Rose is not inly a common flower today but has been used since Ancient civilizations in beauty, cosmetics, therapeutic, medicinal remedies, food and tonics. Dating back to Greece and Rome,for beauty rituals, even used to decorate ceremonial places of worship and celebration. Rose is very popular today in skin care and beauty, There are so many uses with this aromatic flower with amazing beneficial properties for the skin, body and health.

Therapeutically the aroma of a rose promotes happiness and love. Rose absolute essential oil is very popular oil used in skin care, facials ,beauty products and aromatherapy. It can be found at local health food stores but does run on the pricey side for a small amount because of the distilling process and the natural pure benefits of the flower. However the cost is worth it for the outcome, as most beauty and skin care products containing rose work miracles on the skin.

Anti-aging being number one, thats right, this pretty flower is packed with vitamin C, which a powerful antioxidant for the skin. Rejuvenating the skin, rose can lock in moisture leaving it smooth with a glowing complexion. Rose has anti-inflammatory benefits, can be used to reduce redness, rosecea, eczema and as a natural toner to tighten pores even on sensitive skin.

Naturally antibacterial can treat acne and used for cuts or burns killing bacteria. Aromatic and fragrant Rose creates a soothing happy experience that relaxes the mind, opens the heart. Rose has been used in remedies for sore throat and coughs. Dried rose buds make a beautiful tea to be ingested. Even rose water, coming from another process of distilling roses is used in foods today such as tonics, smoothies, cocktails, ice-cream, dairy products and baked goods. With a floral, happy, beautiful savory taste it adds a lovely sweet touch to culinary cuisine or recipe.

A flower of Aphrodite, Goddess of love, its known to attract love and beauty in Rituals, magick or love spells as a main ingredient. One reason why The Ritual uses rose along side sage in love smudges, is for that loving healing power. The essence of a rose attracts all the love, light and beauty, just as within the divine feminine in bloom. There are so many uses and benefits from Rose, its one of natures gifts of love.

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