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A new moon is the time in the lunar cycle where is the moon has completed its entire lunar cycle. As the we approach the full moon it waxes, growing in size increasing in power. After the full moon it starts decreasing in size. The new moon signifies the beginning, to the new. A time to realize what you want in your life, what to release, detox and to start planting the seeds for the future and manifesting your desires.

This new moon is in Sagittarius, which is the Archer. The 9th astrological sign, element: fire, mutable. The Sagittarius is known for higher truth, philosophy, spirituality, justice, expansion, luck, optimism and freedom. The true free spirit of the zodiac, living in wanderlust. The energy of this sign is about expansion and moving forward with optimism fearlessly.

Sage smudge

white candle

paper and pen


heat safe dish or cauldron

In this honoring New Moon Ritual create a sacred space. Create a meditation alter by using candles, crystals, statues or what ever creates a sense of peace and calming energy. You can Smudge your area to cleanse it of negativity to bring in positive. Sage or a smudge kit are perfect for that ( Moon Smudge Kit ) available at The Ritual. Once you have cleansed your space, light your white candle, as you light the candle put your intentions into it. Then meditate, clear your mind, meditate on what seeds you want to plant for the future, thank yourself and the universe for all you have already accomplished. To stay grounded during this meditation use a crystal, as they vibrate with energy. Selenite is a beautiful stone to connect to meditation or moon energy. Smokey quartz is perfect for grounding here on earth. And of course clear Quartz is a great crystal as it can be programmed and is a master healer. Once you have mediated and connected to the energy, you can write down what you want to release, and then the new you want to bring into your life. Once you have done this you can then fold the paper then burn it in a heat safe dish to release it to the universe. Ask the Angels , your guides and the universe to help you with this and guide you on your journey.Continue to mediate on all this energy of new and let the beautiful energy of sagittarius in this moon expand over you.

Moon Smudge Kit

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