• By: Krystal Marie G.


Crystals are known for individual and unique energies vibrating inside them. The full moon holds the most vibrant energy through the lunar cycles. This energy effects the tides, nature, animals and people as we are made up of water, which lunar cycles always effects. Not only is the full moon a perfect time for meditation, spells, manifestation and charging crystals, it is also the perfect time for making Moon Water! Its simple to do and magical in its own sense. A natural elixir and potion for positive energy and cleansing. Among these intense energies entering December, as a conscious collective, much of humanity is undergoing a major shift and release of karmic energy. As our auric fields are being cleansed its important to remember to take care of your body, mind and soul. Remember to eat healthy, meditate, rest, relax and above all stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!! In saying that making a moon water elixir is easy and just amplifies your own inner energies.

What you need:

Water ( glass preferred or a jug )

The Full Moon

Crystals Optional ( clear quartz, amethyst or citrine)

On a Full Moon take your jug or vail of water and place either outside in a safe place at night under her luminous light . Or on a windowsill in view of the moon. You can do this along side your crystal collection, which can be charged under the full moons energy as well. And if you want some extra amplification drop a crystal into the water. I personally love putting a quartz for healing and a citrine for positive energy. The next day you have your water which is ready to drink and infused with Mother Moons magnificent vibrations. Drink up and enjoy magical moon elixir water! P.s don't shallow or eat the crystal.

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