• Krystal Marie G


Beautiful skin is in, not only taking care of our skin for beauty but for feeling good as well as pampering your inner goddess. Moon Dust Detox Mask, is a beautiful combination of crushed crystals, herbs, clay, activated charcoal and essential oils. Crystal infused beauty is trending right now not just because crystals are in but because they have been used for centuries in beauty and cosmetics. The metaphysical energy from crystals is known for vibrating with high energy and recharging auric fields. This mask it not only detoxes the skin, relaxes,soothes, provides anti-aging but also provide crystal energies from Amethyst and Moonstone. Amethyst which is known for tranquil, calming energies is also the stone of spirituality and protects our energy from psychic attack. This crystal is connected to the third eye and crown chakras. Our Moon Dust Detox Mask has amazing crystals, crushed and infused into the clay. Connected to the moon and divine feminine energy is , Moonstone. This beautiful polished stone is put inside each jar to infuse some extra energy into this mud mask for added amplification. This is an elixir of detoxification, beauty and crystal energy to connect to the Moon, Beauty and the soul.

Directions: Use a small mixing dish with spa make up brush or fingers. Take about 1/4 teaspoon or more of moon dust and add about equal parts water, until blended into a paste. Apply to face avoiding eye area. Let dry, will feel a slight tightening sensation. Once dry take a washcloth and warm water and gently remove the mask. Skin might be slightly red, will go back to normal, follow with a moisturizer. Suggested use 1-4 times a week.

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