• Krystal Marie G.


"Abundance is not something we acquire. It's something we tune into" said by Wayne Dyer. Everyone wants be abundant in life; which means a very large quantity of something or more than enough. We all want an abundance of love, money and even material possessions. It is an energy that ca be tuned into, using the law of attraction. Everyone is an alchemist in there own life, with out even realizing it. All you need is the right amount of focus, intent and energy that can be projected out into the universe to manifest abundance. And of course having gratitude for receiving all these wonderful gifts. Although many overlook the beautiful bounty of abundance they already have flowing in life. It's not just about physical acquirements, it's about the energy or opportunity you may be receiving. Love is free and beautiful, it can come from a significant other, friend, family members, pet or even a stranger. Kindness and happiness is a gift, so is opportunity. You can have so many things given to you abundantly everyday and not even realize it. Once you awaken, you may see that it's all around and it's yours to grasp on to. Once you change your mindset and realize the universe is abundant with everything you need. There is more than enough to go around for everything and everyone if you tune into this energy. If you come from a mental state or thought pattern of lack, that's what you will experience. It's all connected to the law of attraction what you put out into the universe,you will always receive back, negative or positive . That's why it's important to always be aware of your thoughts, your energy and what your even saying out loud. There are so many meditations, daily affirmations and tools to aid in tuning into and attracting that golden energy of abundance into your life.

1. Clear your energy: meditate, go into nature, Smudge. Clear away any negative energy.

2. Remove negative thinking or negative self talk, never focus on lack only abundance.

3. Imagine everything you want to be abundant in your life, act like you already have it, visualize it, feel it and be grateful for it.

4. Say your daily Affirmations of Abundance and carry that mindset.

" I am Abundance, I live in Abundance and I am grateful for all I have and continue to receive "

5. Use tools to Aid in your manifestation process. You can use crystals, herbs, and elixirs or oils as certain ones are known to attract those energies and keep your vibration high ( Abundance Smudge and Abundance Oil available).

We all have the power to bring what ever we want into our lives, just change your mindset and believe it's coming and it will. We are all alchemist in our own universes. We all deserve to be living abundantly in this life. Golden rules of Abundance, may you be filled with the golden light.

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