• Krystal Marie G.


As we walked through the gates of light for 2017, we entered into new earth, a new energy and a new love. The collective consciousness of humanity is at a vital point of realization and awakening. Through everything including the shift that has happened, its all moving us forward into frequencies of love and light. The month of February celebrates the well known holiday Valentine's Day. Everyone knows this time is usually about heart shaped boxes full of chocolates, red roses, love cards and romantic gestures for many couples. But this year there is something very different as we have opened up to the unity of love vibrations of our earth. Many individuals are awakening to their own divinity, compassion of one another and love. This love is not just of one another but of self, animals, human rights and even the earth, mother Gaia. Love and light is the new paradigm as it resonates with so many beautiful souls upon this planet. In that beautiful energy, all acts of love even small ones are raising and healing the vibrations of earth. Not only heals deep within but extends to the conscious collective. Even through some chaos that has occurred staying in this space of love is so vital at this time. Awakened souls understand the power of the light and how it always shines through the darkness. Through this last Full Moon Lunar eclipse in LEO, which is ruled by the heart, warmth and strength, the energy was intense. It was a major portal of energy that released so much energetic vibrations into the universe. Leo is the zodiac sign of the Lion, royalty, king of the jungle, powerful, loving and holds much confidence within themselves. A couple of weeks ago we had the new Moon in Aquarius which is about new beginnings, bringing in the communication and unity energies. As there ia also a planetary alignment right now , there are major energies coming through. Many people are experiences energetic burst, some flu like symptoms, tiredness and emotional things or situations coming to the surface. Much Karma is being cleared right now from ourselves, relationships, past lives and even family. Taking the energy from New Moon Aquarius, into Leo Full Moon Eclipse along with planets can be overwhelming and even confusing for many. The next energy we will be approaching in this eclipse season is going to be in Pisces, a water sign which is a softer creative energy. This last eclipse was a big opening of the heart chakras, love within ones self, strength and awareness of self. The energies of Aquarius which is about the collective unity, communication and with Leo which is of self, will shift us into the next level. We are powerful from within ourselves to lead ourselves and each other, together for the benefit of all mankind. As we are all divine beings we are all loved by the divine, everything comes from within. Our light, our divinity and the unconditional love we have will change the world. Love and light beloved beings, lets take this energy through the whole month into the year and beyond as we are in the golden Age of Aquarius.Love and Light.

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