• Krystal Marie G.


As we are in the month of Love, one beautiful crystal that most know is Rose Quartz. Its that pretty pale pink crystal or stone that is connected to Love. This crystal which is known as the Stone of Love, vibrates high with love energy. Connected to the heart Chakra, this is an amazing tool to use in mediations for connecting to opening up the heart and accepting love. Love of Self, love of others romantically or just lovingly. This is a great crystal to meditate with, especially when aligning chakras. You can lay down, meditate , breathe and place the rose quartz above your heart as it helps open and expand the heart chakra. Crystal healing meditation is an amazing way to clear and reset energies, as all crystals carry and vibrate with different frequencies. Just remember to recharge your crystal as they absorb energy as well. Love is a huge theme and it truly what everyone needs, you can carry this crystal with you to also boost your self esteem and love for yourself. Another thing to do is a crystal charged beauty love bath. Put the crystal in your tub while you soak this will raise love vibrations. A must have to be added to any crystal collection.

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