• By: Krystal Marie G.


Today is Summer Solstice , which is known to many as the first official day of summer. We move into the energy of the sun, as we came out of winter a time of rest , then into spring when we were waking up to new life. This Years summer solstice June 21st, 2017 is a huge portal of energy. There is so much spiritual energy and downloads coming in, especially for light workers and twin flames. Its also important for humanity as a collective as a mass awakening is happening. We are being activated by the divine to really awaken to the truth of the world we perceive in this reality. We are now in New Earth and many have jumped or shifted timelines at an accelerated pace. The sun is pulsating with major energy and today is a perfect time to soak up the sun rays, be in nature, meditate and rest. I have been having sleepless nights as I myself have been experiencing the uploads, activations and messages from source. The past couple of weeks have been intense as many might have felt very tired, drained, experiencing physical pain, being emotional, flu like symptoms or wanting to sleep a lot . Many past life memories and pains are coming up as we are remembering and clearing any residual karmic and energetic ties.

The last Full Moon which was in Sagittarius, a huge time for transformation, we are now moving into this intense cosmic masculine energy of the solstice then into the new moon of cancer. The veil is being lifted and for many advanced souls on this journey, dimensions are merging and opening up, psychic gifts are awakening and many have stepped into the true soul self. The message I received was: As above, so below. The meaning As above, the third eye chakra is opening to receive the higher self aspects of ourselves and bringing down that energy. As below, we are asked to Anchor our energy to the earth and receive the energy from Gaia from our root chakra. This merger of energies from the divine energy from above and anchoring energy from below is for the completion of true soul self. This is also merging the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra. In higher truth we live from the heart which is living in love, thats having the confidence and power to do so. We are asked to take the actions to step into that higher consciousness of self and others. Many have experienced death of the ego and lower vibrations being released. This is a magical time to really look at how far you have come and celebrate the unity energies of the collective and self. RITUAL burn some sage to create a sacred space, make a list of everything that no longer serves you, and a list of everything your heart and soul wants to receive. Burn these in a beautiful fire ceremony, burn with herbs, dried flowers as an offering , dance under the sun and inhale the beautiful energy of life.

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