• By: Krystal Marie G.


A Miracle by definition is known as a surprising and welcoming event that is not explainable by nature or scientific laws and this therefore to be the work of a divine agency. So many Miracles happen constantly around us in daily life from receiving unexpected abundance, a turn of events, being cured of an illness or having an amazing opportunity come into our life. These always seem to happen when our soul is open to receiving them, after all, most everything that happens in life is guided by divine timing and free will. As we live in a universe that operates under the law of attraction and manifestation, we can manifest our own beautiful Miracles in life.

Manifestation is a creation of our own thoughts, the energy and belief that we already have received that which we desire. In order to obtain Miracle Manifestations first we must be aware of our own self awareness and self love. Being Mindful of how we feel about ourselves is so important as we attract what we are and what we feel. To really Manifest a Miracle, here is a Ritual and steps:

Tools needed are smudge stick, dragons blood incense, a candle, a piece of paper pen and of course love and light! ( you can add Crystals and anything else you desire for your own Ritual)

1) CLEANSE & CREATE YOUR SPACE: Use the sage smudge stick to clear your space and energy, this creates a purified environment for performing your Rituals and Meditations. Create a beautiful altar which can be done by placing the candle, crystals and anything else that resonates with you for your own manifestation.

2) MEDITATE: Get clear on what it is you want, you want to really visualize and feel it. Just stay in a positive vibration that you have already received it, And offer the gratitude for it.

3) RITUAL: Light the dragons blood incense ( dragons blood is known for giving power to rituals and manifestations) light your candle and write down on the paper what you want, while staying in the meditative state and positive vibration of your manifestation. You can either burn the paper in a heat safe dish to release it into the universe or place it on your Altar.

4) MANIFEST: Stay in this energy, know the universe has your back. Be open to receiving, stay in your Happiness. Always keep your own vibration and space clear as this is healing and very powerful. Just relax, trust the process, sometimes it takes some time for a miracle to manifest and to come to you.

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