• By: Krystal Marie G.


What is the definition of a Goddess? The Goddess in essence is the awakened women who has stepped into her full knowing of who she is . We are living in a beautiful time, The Golden Age Of Aquarius, the goddess or feminine energy has awoken from a forced slumber. This divine sacred energy has been repressed for centuries by a patriarchal society, not only in the feminine but the in masculine as well. On a collective scale women have been triggered into who they really are and how connect to themselves on a soul level. Many are awakening and remembering all the love ,beauty, power and magick that is within.


Goddess is in tune with her inner divine feminine energy, she is an awakened women full of strength, creativity, nurturing energy, wisdom and confidence. She is connected to her own sacred power, her intuition, the elements of earth and natures beauty. She knows her value and stands gracefully, open to receive all the love, abundance and light. She knows her worth by nurturing her self with love and never excepting anything less than she deserves. She is beaming light of pure divine energy and shines that light onto others. She isn't afraid to speak her truth, be her authentic self, for she has been through the darkness and has come into the light. She leads by example and is always encouraging others to be the best version of themselves as she stands in her own divinity. She connects with her sisters, other goddesses to lift each other up and this energy balances the masculine energy into harmony. THE GODDESS is on the rise, she is awake, its time dear Goddess to rise as one, together in unity and reclaim your sacred feminine energy.

There are so many ways to step into your own goddess energy, the first step always starts with inner healing. Connecting to yourself on a soul level, remembering who you are. Taking care of and nurturing your heart and healing any wounds. Its so important to love yourself, pamper yourself and allow others to give to you by opening up to receiving. The feminine energy is receptive, is creative and is inspiring.

The feminine energy is a fertile energy always birthing something new, including new life. Nurturing others comes naturally but its also important to remember to nurture ones self and not to over give. As women we multitask naturally and give so much but we have to remember to give all of those things to ourselves to really embody and be the divine Goddess we are. Stepping into that power doesn't always come easy, its work but your 100% worth it. Be a goddess, feel that energy, give yourself the freedom to be that beautiful divine soul full of joy, love and happiness.

Some amazing things to do for yourself and to treat yourself like a Queen. Your A goddess, so take care of YOUR MIND, BODY & SOUL:

MIND: Always calm your mind, by taking time to meditate, taking some deep breaths, just relax. Lighting scented candles and using aroma therapy is amazing for relaxation. Listen to uplifting music, read an inspiring book, creating something that your passionate about is a good way to stimulate your mind in a healthy way. Always say positive affirmations to your self everyday. Put your mindset in the best possible state it can be in as we attract what we think and feel. Connect to other goddesses, uplift each other and inspire each other. Be confident in yourself, you have power and strength to achieve anything. Don't ever settle for less or let another dim your shine, you are a star.

BODY : Always take care of your body, it doesn't matter the size you are or what you look like, beauty comes from within. How you treat your body, the food and energy you take in is a reflection on how feel about yourself. If your practicing self love you will be mindful and health conscious on what your doing for yourself. Go on hikes, do yoga, or some activity that makes you happy. Go dancing, even a Belly dance class connects to Shakti energy with the movements invoke divine energy. Also pamper yourself! Do beauty treatments, either at a spa or at home. Practice Skin RITUALS, do a mud mask, take a hot bath, get a pedicure, get your nails done and have days to get dressed up, you will feel so empowered and confident when you get ready. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are, right now. The more confident you are about yourself the more you are stepping into empowerment.

SOUL; Connect to your higher self. and your soul essence. What are your deepest desires? Who are you? You can really connect to yourself by taking time to be with yourself. Do some inner healing and have gratitude towards yourself for everything you have done. If you need more guidance reach out to other women who inspire you. Sometimes it good to get a nudge or guidance in which direction to go in. Start by going to a healer, getting reiki , getting a tarot reading, going to goddess gathering, a retreat or even some soul couching. Give to others, never be a doormat or over give. Surround yourself with people who are going to raise your vibration and be round positive energy. Don't be afraid to say no or leave things , people or situations that no longer serve you or are not for your highest good. Stand strong in your beliefs and self respect. When stepping into your feminine energy be open to receiving because you deserve all love, abundance, and joy, YOU ARE A GODDESS. Remember to smile, laugh, dance, sing, be the love and the light. When you give kindness to yourself and others. your allowing a flow from the universe, it will come back to you in beautiful ways.

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