• Krystal Marie G.


Being an Empath now a days is seen as either a blessing or a curse. The definition of an Empath is a person with paranormal psychic abilities to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. Empaths are attuned to feeling another beings energy or emtions.So what exactly is an Empath? If you are wondering if you are an empath here are some signs your empathic are the following:

- Reading or feeling peoples emotions without trying

- Highly sensitive, feels everything very deeply

- Natural human lie detector

- People always gravitate towards you for help or advice

-Affinity for animals and children, read or feel animals, they usually always love to be around you or gravitate to you easily.

- Feeling overwhelmed in large crowds, heavy energy or even world energy such as suffering.

- Needing a lot of alone time, to recharge

- Easily feels emotions, and even physical pain around certain people.

- Can easily attract a Narcissist in a relationship

The list goes on, but you have a basic understanding of an empath.

So many empaths either hide because of this or they fully embrace it, as it can be an amazing spiritual super power. Many consider themselves special because they have this "gift", but the reality is every human has this ability. We are all born tapped in, although many have either repressed this sensory ability or most have faced trauma in childhood to really trigger these senses even more. Many who were triggered by this trauma as children were forced to be aware of there environment and sense peoples emotions out of a survival mechanism. Some children grew up in abusive homes or felt like they had to protect themselves or others at a young age, so this ability was enhanced to sense an environment and whats coming from others. This extra sensory ability allows you really feel another's emotions and energy as they are your own.

So many people especially amongst the spiritual community talk about needed to protect themselves and there own energy as an empath from negative energies. I myself being empathic along with other extra sensory abilities fell into this dynamic, as many spiritual teachers say protect your energy. But the truth is we don't need protection, we need empowerment. We are living in a Multi-dimensional Universe, and ours is Manifestation reality that has a vibratory state of energy where the law of attraction is powerful. Knowing the law of attraction not only can you manifest or attract anything in this life, but your vibration will also attract like vibration. Now that being said, lets dive deeper into this if you will. As the emotional guidance scale states created by Abraham Hicks, the highest vibration is Love, joy, empowerment, happiness etc. while lowest vibration is fear, powerlessness,despair. The moment as an empath you say or feel you need to protect yourself from psychic attack or negative energies you are actually going to manifest those exact energies. You become a vibrational match to those lower energies because your lowering your vibration to fear, thus attracting this energy into your own personal energy field. Many teachers in the New Age or Spiritual community will say put a protective wall around you, when doing so your actually putting an energectic wall around your AURA that will allow others energy to attach to it. When your in a state of resistance, your going to attract more of that energy, As Carl Jung said " what you resist, persists". This wall holding others stuff, will actually be attached to your Auric field, which then is only collecting all these energies and its actually not protecting you. I will say however, to anyone who is newly awakening to working with these empathic abilities, sometimes you do feel as you have to protect yourself. If your working on raising your vibration you can use the white light bubble around you,which is a deflector of energy but again your not empowering yourself just yet. But for someone New it will help you in the beginning. Although for empowerment, you should strive to come into a state of safety and fearlessness, as you raise your frequency. As an Empath one the most powerful abilities is to actually transmute energy. So if you do feel a negative or lower vibrational energy you can in fact transmute the energy into light. Now if your just coming into this I would suggest using the white light or even better the violets flame transmutation. This is also where boundaries come into place, as an empath you don't have to hide in your room in fear of going into a crowded place and being overwhelmed. You can take some steps to create safety, raise your vibration and be aware of any fear you feel so you can be empowered.

Empowerment is something that should be embraced with being being empathic, if you keep your vibration at a high frequency you can be powerful in transmutation and letting your own vibration uplift anything in a lower vibration. Know you have the capacity to take the actions that positively will reflect those actions back to you. By choosing empowerment, you are choosing what makes you feel good. This is where self care really needs to come into the picture. Also setting boundaries for yourself and when your in situations. As an Empatth, yes your likely to be more sensitive to your surroundings, people and energy so its important to take care of yourself, mentally, psychically, emotionally and spiritually. As many empaths end up taking on everyone else emotions, and energy, just to end up feeling depleted at the end of the day.

To fully Empower yourself you need to embrace it, along with embracing it you have to take care of yourself. You don't have to live a life living in others energy to be drained of your own. If you want to be an enlightened empowered empath, you need to raise your vibration by self care in order to raise your own energy. No one else has power over you, you are more powerful than you know. Here are some tips to help empower you.

- CHECKING IN WITH YOURSELF- Always check in with YOURSELF! Its so important to remember your own needs as well, as empaths sometimes we are so focused on everyone else, we don't take the time to sit in our own energy. Taking time to meditate and be in your own energy is important.

- EATING HEALTHY, Food is energy, try a plant based karma free diet such as being vegan. plants have a sacred life force energy which raises your vibration, eating healthy will be a step in keeping a healthy body and clean energy.

- SACRED SPACE, creating a calm, safe space where you relax and sleep, which is you sanctuary for recharging,and rejuvenation. Keep a peaceful tranquil environment by adding crystals, incense and candles. Just like Feung Shui you want to keep things decluttered and clean to really set an uplifting flowing energy in your sacred space or home. You can then leave your space and go into the world recharged and ready.

- SMUDGING - Using sage in a daily Smudging Ritual with A SMUDGE STICK or Loose Sage really helps cleanse energy, and a space. When we go out into the world we may unconsciously pick up on other energy, you want to cleanse.

- USING CRYSTALS - Crystals hold high vibrational energy to assist us with different things, working with crystals can help aid an empaths in daily life. Wearing or carrying Crystals such Labradorite, black tourmaline and rose quartz are great stones. Labradorite which is protective to the aura, doesn't allow energy drainage. Black tourmaline is a great grounding stone as well helping transmute energy as it blocks negative. Rose Quartz is good

for radiating more love and having more self love, empaths take on a lot they need to remember to give to themselves too.

- SALT BATHS are another way of cleansing energy, water is purifying and salt cleanses energy. Taking hot sea salt bath or foot soaks really helps cleansing and resetting energy. Draw a warm bath light some white candles, add a scoop of sea salt or CLEANSE Bath Soak and relax!

- MEDITATION - Meditation is important for an empath, you need to sit with your own energy so you can see if you have others energy in your Auric field that needs to be transmuted. Connect with your higher self or guides to ask for assistance.

- TRANSMUTATION is key, once your able to raise your vibration, you can easily transmute lower energy into a higher one. The law of nature states energy is always in a state of motion, therefor you can easily move energy into a higher state. You can sit with the energy, don't resist it, acknowledge it and imagine it being turned into white light, meet it with love. Even if its a heavy lower energy, visualize the energy transmuting into a higher state. Saying an affirmation can help. " I AM LIGHT, I AM LOVE, I HAVE POWER AND I ASK THE ANGELS AND THE DIVINE FOR ASSISTANCE IN TRANSMUTING ALL ENERGIES INTO A HIGHER VIBRATION"

- BOUNDARIES - set boundaries, if your in an environment, place that depleting your energy, limit the time you are there. You don't have to build a wall ,instead know what you feel don't resist it, feel it then release it. The key is understanding its not you and you don't have to be overwhelmed, just feel it then let it go. You also don't have to be in a place longer than you wish to be there if its overbearing.

- HEALING - When you are empathic and are living a daily life, sometimes you need some extra healing or help from others, I would suggest especially if just learning how empower your empathic abilities, is to go a healer, get a reiki sessions, get a massage , sometimes having a push from another healer really does help in our own healing to raise our own vibration. In turn we can help others.

Remember YOU ARE POWERFUL, YOU ARE LIGHT, YOU ARE AMAZING and can THRIVE EVERYDAY as an Empowered, Enlightened Empath. You can use this ability in such a positive way to be of service to others and even find happiness doing so. We are all connected, and you can help humanity uplift the planetary vibration, as we are Shifting as a conscious collective. So much love and light, beautiful souls!

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