• Krystal Marie G.


As we say good bye to 2017 and enter 2018 Under A Full MOON IN CANCER, this the perfect

Time for reflection of accomplishments of the year. It’s also the most vibrant Moon cycle when mother moon is at her prime, which is a Full Moon with powerful energy. This Moon also falls on New Years, a time to welcome in a New beginning. For many divine souls 2017 was a huge year of transformation, many of us upgraded through our ascension process, healed deep Karmic wounds or have newly awakened to the journey of enlightenment. As we embark on the next stage, let’s reflect on how far we have come. We want set new healthy patterns and leave behind the old template which no longer serves. As a collective many have been upgraded to be the New Humans, that are now here for the new paradigm and higher timeline of New Earh. Below I put together a simple Ritual for Manifestation for the New Year:

For this Ritual you will need:

• White Candle

• 2 peices of paper

• Pen to write with

Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the sacred space (we have Ritual smudges available)

• Belief in yourself and your manifestation power


To start before any Ritual or Manifestation, always be sure to raise your vibration by cleansing yourself, your altar and sacred space.


First step take a warm bath with sea salts and your favorite crystals to cleanse and charge up your Auric field. Water is a powerful cleansing element. If you can go to a beach and mediate do so, as water and the sea salt cleanse. Cancer zodiac is also associated with water, the moon and intuition.


Set the mood by playing meditation music or signing bowl tones.


Then light your white candle, you can then use the flame from the candle to light the sage and do a cleansing of your space. Pick your favorite crystals you want to work with as you do your Ritual, Pyrite is great for manifestation.


Take both pieces of paper, on one write 2017 accomplishments and the Other 2018 Goals. No matter what you went through in 2017 good or bad reflect and write down accomplishments or growth you experienced individually, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

On 2018 you can write down for desires and intentions for this year, what your soul is calling out to. And then repeat this Affirmation:


“I acknowledge how far I have come, I give gratitude for my growth, I leave the past in the past, I leave behind old patterns and the old template. As I step into my authentic self, I bring in a New Beginning, a New Energy. I allow myself to be open to receive everything, as I manifest from the highest vibration and light”


You can then meditate and visualize everything you want to manifest. You can then burn 2017 in a heat safe dish as the smoke releases it and save the 2018 to look at to remind yourself of what’s going to come into your life.


Give gratitude to the Universe, your Angels/Guides and the Divine, they have your souls best interest in mind and are always guiding you to your highest good.

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