• Krystal Marie G.

APOPHYLLITE : The Spiritual Adviser

Crystals Hold amazing energies to work with, these elementals are gifts from Gaia. Apophyllite is a Beautiful Crystal also known as The Spiritual Adviser Crystal. There are so many gems in the Crystal kingdom to collect for healing, growth and spiritual alignment. Along my personal journey, I always collect crystals during different cycles of my evolution. Crystals hold vibrational energy and carry sacred messages, they choose to come to us, at the right given time. They truly do pick who they will assist, as ones Crystal Collection grows. Apophyllite is one of my new found favorite Crystals, I truly believe this is a must have gem to have in a Sacred Space or for Any healer or light worker.

These Beautiful Crystals are amazing for healing, as they hold a gentle but powerful energy of light vibrations perfect for easing anxiety, fear and stress. Apophyllite connects with Angelic energy for Spiritual advice. Also amazing to work with in remembering past lives. Brings in loving supportive energy, has cleansing, and clearing properties. This Crystal is perfect for being a center for a crystal grid and activating other crystals placed next to it. They can amplify the energy of a Sacred space, which is why this crystal is perfect for a home or meditation area. When meditating with his Crystal it connects to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras,which open and clears them for improving clarity for Spiritual Advisory from Higher Angelic Guides.

An Affirmation of love and light to use in Ritual Crystal Healings and Meditations:

" I am insightful, as my connection to Universal Wisdom guides me daily to access of higher knowledge"

Everything you need is within you, Crystals can help one access vibrations and information for soul growth. Always connect to your higher aspects and the divine, as we are all loved and guided with light.

(Apophyllite available in the Ritual Crystal Shop section)

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