• Krystal Marie G.

11 Signs of Awakening

 1. You keep seeing 11:11 

This is a powerful number sequence, which holds a high vibration, A master number which also breaks down to a 2 which unity. This code is from higher dimensional Angelic beings that are supporting you and asking you to trust your intiution, your being guided from above.

2. You feel a shift, nothing feels the same

Something in you is seeking something more, you know your are meant for more. This small shift will happen within, and then will start to manifest into your reality. Things will change for the better, usually this will follow with self realization, healing and wanting to be a better version of ones self.

3. Things in your life fall apart

Sometimes a loss, a breakup, moving, loosing a job, a near death experience or something will trigger things to fall apart but they are slowly falling into place. The universe is waking you up through these sudden changes. Many are asleep and need a push to really awaken one to the highest truth and potentiality of the authentic self.

4. You start becoming more conscious

As one becomes more aware, you will start to be in the moment, more conscious of energy and everything around you. Feeling more connected. Really seeing how beautiful life can be, how we can manifest our dreams into reality. You may seek meditation, spirituality, going into nature and healing. You want o connect to a higher power.

5. You start questioning the meaning of life,

Why are we here, who am I? I there a higher power? you really start to dive deeper into things and really question what you thought you knew. 

6. You start to see through the system,

Which is the illusion, there is more to this reality. We did not come here to work, pay bills, and die. There is more to life than that, this false system based in enslavement, control and fear doesn't seem right.

7. You start leaving behind what no longer serves you

Once you see past illusions, you will connect more with your higher self, your truth of who you really are. The things you thought you wanted, the programming of who you were doesn't resonate any longer. You will leave behind the old to form the new. This includes leaving a job, relationships or behaviors that do not resonate any more.

8. You will experience many synchronicities and signs

This will come in numbers, songs, actual signs, conversations, and situations that are guiding you. Your team and universe, will give you these as a wake up call and as a confirmation when your seeking an answer. Divine timing is in order, soul tribe, soulmate and/or a twin flame will enter your life to help move you along. 

9. You want more meaning and purpose

You may have longing for something meaningful, more fulfilling, something to make you feel more connected and happy, something signing inside your soul telling you there is more. You realize we are Spiritual beings having a human experience. You move from service to self to service to others, You start to find your calling in life or mission, your true purpose for reincarnating here.

10. You start to go within, withdraw and want solitude

You may feel lost and alone, as many around don't understand what you are going through, and taking this time to connect with yourself is important. You also enjoy being alone to get more in touch with yourself. In order to fully awaken and come into enlightenment by taking time to heal, to find yourself and grow is very important. You may really start to enjoy your alone time. Also start to move away from people who are not healthy. 

11. You feel more compassion and empathy

As you become more in tune with yourself, ones energy, you feel more connected, more intuitive and feel that everything, animals , people, nature are connected, as we are all one. You will move from fear to love, which is the highest vibration. You will be more empathetic and compassionate. This is what awakening is, the realization of divinity, of oneness, of light, of love. 

We are in an Amazing time to be alive, as the mass awakening and shift of the collective consciousness is taking place currently. Many have already awakened and many more waves are currently awakening, as Gaia is also ascending to a higher vibration along with human consciousness. These signs are for awakening to the authentic self and realization of the beautiful divinity that is held within each of us. YOU ARE LOVE, YOU ARE LIGHT,  YOU ARE DIVINE!

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