• By: Krystal Marie G.


Receiving guidance is needed in life to move the direction we are wanting to go in. Sometimes we feel stuck, disconnected from our higher selves, our spirit guides or the divine. Maybe we are asking for signs and not getting them. Being in tune with your intuition can be difficult if you don’t fully trust yourself or your inner knowing. This inner knowing, which is also your personal guidance scale is like a personal compass pointing you in the right direction. Intuition is a powerful tool, every human on this planet has intuition and can access it. Animals and nature are extremely intuitive, there is a reason why humans are too.Your Intuition is the first thought or thing you know or feel. When you second guess yourself or change what you originally felt, that is your human ego creeping in. The Ego wants to second guess everything because it’s a protection mechanism. Your intuition is something you just know or feel, this is in connection to our higher self. You can easily tap into this by opening your third eye. The third eye chakra is located right between the brow, and is also known your pineal gland or seat of the soul. This Chakra is one of seven earthly chakras which is associated with intuition and has the mantra “ I See”. This is seeing beyond the illusion and connected to this chakra, right above it, is the crown chakra which is “I know”. Your intuition knows it’s stuff, you just have to learn to trust and allow it. To be open to the expansive nature of the Universe and your higher self.

Once you start tapping into this you can really open up to so many amazing extra sensory perceptions that we all are capable of. An easy way to start trusting your intuition is start to really connect with yourself on a deep level. You can start receiving signs, synchronicities and even downloads of everything you need to know. You ever walk into a room and just know or even feel that there was an argument or something said about you? Or just have a deep feeling about a particular persons energy? Even going as far as just having a thought or knowing about something is about to happen before it does, is your intuition or spiritual compass speaking to you. Connecting to this on a daily basis can do amazing things for your life, business and relationships. Sometimes you might have a feeling about a person or situation, never ignore it! Your body will intuitively react to energy all around you including others energy. To really awaken and trust this divine gift, you need to connect with yourself by connecting to divine source energy. Getting into nature, calming and quieting the mind, relaxing the body and soothing the soul are key. You want to listen to that inner heart centered voice, not the ego. You want to connect to the yin or feminine energy, which is the nurturing, compassionate and intuitive energy. Women are naturally intuitive beings, but everyone has intuition. We all can receive it in different ways, for some it’s a knowing, a feeling, seeing it before it happens or just following a gut feeling. Don’t be afraid to tap into this and use it. There are many ways to ask for more confirmations on what you already know or feel. Some people ask for signs, some get prophetic dreams, you can use divination; tarot cards, or find synchronicities. The most important thing is to approach this with love, openness and confidence. You have to really trust yourself and be fully aligned and feel confident in yourself. You are after all a divine being that is guided from higher perspectives. So Trust Your Intuition beloveds, don’t ignore it, she really does know her stuff!

Love and Light,


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