• By: Krystal Marie G.


Navigating human emotions can be some what of a challenge at times, as we fluctuate daily on what we are feeling. The ideal place to be is in harmonious balance most of the time and living from the heart center, also known as Love. As the Emotional guidance scale states, FEAR is the lowest vibration along with a myriad of other lower emotions such insecurity, jealousy, shame, guilt, resentment, lack, hatred, and so on. As we work our way through this vibrational scale in terms of frequency, you will see love is where you want live from, being at the top of the scale. The Highest Vibration which is Love, also coincides with Joy, bliss, peace, empowerment, positivity, passion and happiness. As many have known fear and pain to be apart of the human condition or experience, we have also experienced joy, love or happiness at some point in our lives. This is that beautiful feeling of freedom, peace, as if your soul is signing with a high frequency of love. Imagine being that Child again, that innocence, that carefree attitude and being in that state of joy with every little thing you do. Children are born without fear, they come into this world full of love. We adopt fear as a learned concept through experience and societal programming. This is also where the negative ego comes into play by instilling fear. Now the ego is a protection mechanism, it tells us when to eat, how to survive and when we are in danger. Essentially the Ego has been hijacked in many ways by societal programming, trauma from child hood and experiences in life that cause a fractional split within our personality. The perpetuation of feeling these energies constantly, can become a way of life. The negative ego thrives of of fear and is unconsciously addicted the pain it has experienced. Constantly living in this state of fear is more comfortable by being complacent in what you know, rather than change to move into something new. When in Fear, you are in resistance, you want to control everything and when things don’t work out according to you, it can be frustrating and disappointing causing more pain. Fear is the biggest control mechanism which most often times triggers self destructive patterning or behavior. Most of this unconsciousness programming started at childhood from our parents, situations, schooling, tv and the expectations of how you should be by society. We are told to be certain way, that’s is usually contradictory to our own authentic self, needs and desires. Many of us have experienced such low vibrational situations and emotions that we actually become them. We unknowingly have attracting more of that energy into our lives through situations, relationships and experiences that validate our fears. We start to believe we are unworthy, we judge ourselves, feel shame, guilt, have jealousy towards others, can develop self hate, and have deep seeded anger stored within our energy. Many are wounded on a subconscious level they may not even be knowingly aware or conscious of this. Moving from fear all way up to love can be challenging, as your thoughts are the most powerful tool.

An example of a person living from fear, is the following: Let’s say a person experienced neglect and abuse as a child, by the main caregivers or parental figures in his life, this person never knew what it felt like to actually know love or emotional support. He actually started to believe, feel and think that he doing something wrong, that must mean he is unworthy, maybe he thinks he doesn't get love because he is not good enough or deserving to receive love from the abusive parent. This then becomes shame and can later result in resentment, guilt, jealously and even deep seeded anger and so fourth. This underlying energy or root of the causation of lower emotions is actually fear. This child developed fear as not knowing if his abusive parent is just going to hit him while just sitting there or emotionally abandon him in a time of actually needing safety, nurturing and love. This abusive parent may have been blamed or projected there own fears and insecurities on to this child. When this child’s emotions do come up, maybe this caregiver lacks empathy, compassion and does not emotionally offer reassurance or love. In this case these parents/caregivers actually have a lack mentality, they don’t love themselves enough to look at there own behavior but instead project it out onto others. This child then grows up in lack, and maybe later attracts more abusive, emotionally damaging relationships, and situations to mirror what they in fact experienced when younger. Being so used to this lack, unworthiness and disappointment, they know life and love as pain, something that will probably end in disappointment and there needs not being met. So in turn they might have many self sabotaging behaviors, have codependency or not trust anyone fully. Maybe even seek love outside themselves so desperately,and wanting that validation of love, when they don't even truly have love of self. This is when it can be difficult to know what Love really is, thus many will seek love but are not living from love.

In Truth the reality is, we have start by loving ourselves. One has to dissolve the idea that you are not love or able to love.

If you don’t know what Love is, how do you live from and be love?

Well the first thing is really understand what LOVE really is on a fundamental and spiritual level. When your in love, your in flow, you allow and you don’t control, you trust the universe and all the gifts. You are blissful, peaceful, harmonious and happy. You are in a appreciative state with gratitude in your heart. Your open to RECEIVE and open to GIVE easily with out any expectation because it feels good. Every single human is capable of love and is love from a higher spiritual perspective. This is where you have to dig deep and know you are not your past, you are not what others made you believe. And for most of the trauma that occurred, was not your fault. In the case of the present moment you CAN take responsibility for who YOU are now. Most importantly how you treat yourself, how you treat others and being mindful of your own triggers or patterns. Are you going to live in the past, the fear, the pain ? Or are you going to make a conscious decision to be in the now and become the best version of yourself. This is also where deep healing and shadow work need to happen. In order to heal or release that old energy or belief system you have to make the decision to commit to the work. You have to forgive yourself and those who hurt you in order to release those stored lower vibrations.This work can be tough when your consciously accessing your subconscious and past traumas but YOU are worthy of allowing yourself to live from LOVE. Every single person has the full potentiality to heal and embrace so much love and joy. Many don’t even realize how it’s actually YOU, yes YOU who decides your own happiness and fulfillment. It’s not outside of you, it’s always within you, in the moment. Happiness is finding that true moment of just being, that energy of bliss and contentment.

The inner knowing that you are loved, and you are the one who is going to give yourself that love. Once you can begin to cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself, everything will change and you can live from love. Do this by having more positive thoughts about yourself, taking time to nurture your feelings, doing positive motivating things for you, set healthy boundaries, surrounding yourself with positive people, eating healthier foods, taking care of your mind , body and soul. Start giving gratitude everyday with things that you are grateful for, find your inner joy and do things that actually make you feel really good. Happiness has nothing to do with how much money you have, what you do for work, or what others think of you, it comes from within being content and happy now. Yes those things such as living in your passion and truth will just add to the happiness but it’s inside you. You have the power of thought, your thoughts and your vibration will attract those same energies to you. We live in a manifestation reality with universal law of vibration and frequencies. If your always judging, thinking negative thoughts, in fear mode, the universe will give you more situations that match that. If your happy, living from love, in flow, thinking positive and matching that frequency, you will manifest good things to be happy about. Living from love allows so much to open up and flow into your life. To manifest this energy use not only the thoughts, but also be attuned to your own vibrational frequency. Be open to allow yourself love, to give and to receive A good thing to ask yourself, where are you genuinely vibrating at? The Universe responds to energy, you are what you think and what you think you become. You have a choice to choose love, to be happy as it’s your birthright. All the lower vibrations can be healed and transmutted into higher ones. This doesn’t mean ignore those feelings and lower vibrations, you are allowed feel them, then choose to RELEASE them. Don’t hold onto the past, be present. It’s Time to wake up and live in Love, the earth is shifting on an energetic scale, open your heart and live from LOVE!

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