• By: Krystal Marie G.

The Law of Vibration

Every single person on this planet has a signature vibration. Everything operates on frequency and on a vibrational scale. Since we live in a multidimensional quantum universe, our vibration is the factor for attraction. What ever frequency we are tuned into will attract like vibration, think your self like radio, as you turn the dial you can tune into a certain frequency you would like to hear or tune into. Same goes for vibration, as every living human, animal and plant holds vibrational frequencies. As humans we experience a variety of emotions which is just energy in motion thus the name e motion. As the emotional vibrational scale states love is the highest vibration and fear is the lowest. To really understand how this universal law operates one must be attuned to ones inner subconscious and consciousness aspects. Being fully present and mindful of how you feel and what vibe your putting out is important. Not just in the moment but ones overall energy on a physical and multidimensional level. Diving deep into our core beliefs and being conscious of our energy is inherently the most powerful tool in tuning into the highest frequency. Knowing what is lurking in your subconscious is very important, as this is where diving deep into the depths of shadow work lies. Shadow work is an important part of healing and understanding ones vibrational frequency. We can then understand why we are attracting certain situations, relationships, experiences and energy into our lives. Many people on the planet are unconscious of what’s actually hidden deep within, which can be stored trauma or pain that has not been released. This causes blockages, unhealed wounds and lower frequencies which are attracting unwanted like vibration. On a surface level you can appear to be happy or a “spiritual person”, by being positive, doing yoga, meditating and healing with crystals, yet still could be asking yourself why am I attracting situations that are negative? It’s because on a deep level and in your core belief, you don’t not feel that way and may be unconscious of knowing it. This where you have to really go deeper and be able to change your vibration to really to get that higher state of energy. The highest frequency being Love, bliss and happiness is where we want to operate from as that’s where the magic happens. This where you can become a master manifestor of your true desires that are alignment with your soul. Being able to shift your energy to a higher frequency is known as living from the 5th dimension. This is where we are headed as a collective during this time currently here on earth. When you understand the Law of Vibration, essentially you understand the universe and fundamental aspects of alignment. If you have ever heard the term your vibe attracts your tribe? ,Then you have to understand that you truly do attract or manifest people, situations and energy. As the law of vibration states, you will attract what you are not what you think, this is your energy signature, your vibration working with the universal laws. Be mindful of how you feel, be understanding of your subconscious on a conscious level and always be in tune with your energy. Have a good week beautiful souls! In Love and Light, Krystal Marie G. The Ritual Goddess

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