The State of Resistance: the opposite of Alignment

Often times many of us are stuck in a state of resistance without even really understanding or knowing the deep subconscious reasoning why. So what exactly is resistance?

To be in a state of resistance, is to be in opposition or refusal to comply with something. This can adversely cause one to ignore deep wounding or source of pain due to the resistance a person is in. You can be in resistance to a belief, situation, a person, an emotion. You have to ask yourself honestly, from a higher perspective:Why am I in resistance?

It may be extremely uncomfortable to actually go into the shadows or dive into why but this is how actual healing and moving out of resistance can come about. This is also known as Shadow work.The thing we resist the most will persist, as the universe likes to mirror everything to you that needs healing. The more you are in the state of resistance the more you are probably going to experience or manifest those same things you resist, or don’t want, even on an unconscious level. Most of us might not even realize what we are resistance to but more importantly why. Usually the thing you are resisting it actually the thing you need to go towards. You may be surprised to learn it’s actually something you may have wanted or needed to experience.

An example can be of this is seen in the self help and spiritual community. Many who are seeking healing or enlightenment are in some sort of resistance in many ways. Although they seek to be healed, looking for happiness and are wanting alignment, most often it’s actually met with distractions away from this very healing one might be needing on a deeper level. Many teachers teach positive energy, everything you need is within you and its only spiritual feel high vibrations, positive energy 24/7 and nothing. The is this not only a form of escapism, spiritual bypassing but also a form of resistance. This is a form of resistance because it’s making you skip what makes you feel uncomfortable, not wanting to look at something you are in fact opposed to. Now I know we all want to feel good, if we are in pain or dissatisfied with life, but sometimes you have to dive into the not so pleasant emotions or truth to understand it. Usually this comes from deep within, where our pain lies, which is the causation of the resistance we are feeling. When you bypass this step in healing, your not in alignment.

We live in a society where we are basically told it’s not to okay to NOT be okay. We have have essentially been told our pain, our feelings are invalid. We have been programmed to be complacent and numb to our own emotions . This is why most people are attracting so much of what they don’t want into there reality on a frequency based vibration and then questioning why did this happen to me? The biggest misconception of spiritual and self help teaching is you manifest your thoughts, this is only a part of a bigger truth of universal law of vibration. (To learn more about this check out my blog Law of Vibration) You are actually manifesting what you feel, and you don’t even know your in resistance to something on a deep level, how can you stop attracting it? You have to understand this on an energetic, subconscious and conscious level. The mirroring effect the universe provides to us, is to show us exactly what it is. You actually might be in resistance to something but once you heal it you may realize the very thing your resisting is the very thing you want. Once you can clear these blockages, you become in a state of alignment and flow, which is opposite of resistance. This is the state one wants to operate from because the “flow“ allows so much to come into our lives that we need. We live in a reality of dualism, to come into state of balance and harmony is how true self awareness is formed. To be in this state of resistance, is to be in the energy of not allowing the pain to be fully felt. You must be brave and go into the eye of the storm rather than avoid it. When you can do this by taking it head on, you can then sit with it and then move past it. You are surrendering to the resistance and are in a state of allowance. The more one can do this with those very things one is in complete opposition to, the more one can become aligned. This work is not always rainbows and sunshine, but it is necessary process and acknowledgement of ones self to become the embodiment of the higher self. This is a process of healing, that leads to a higher vibrational life and enlightenment. Be honest with yourself, allow yourself to go into the darkness at time to reach the light. You will be surprised on what you can heal, expand and even learn about yourself. In love and light beautiful souls, Krystal

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