Self love is a major part of deep healing and spiritual awakening. Love is the highest vibration in the Universe, it’s not only important to place value and give love to others but also giving love to ourselves.Crystals are earth elementals that hold various vibrations and energy to assist us in healing. Having these love gems in your sacred space, home or using them in healing meditations will raise the love frequency. Some beautiful crystals for healing, expanding, opening the heart and energy to more love are listed below. These crystal babies are packed with beautiful loving healing vibrations to attract more loving energy into your life!

JADE is a beautiful green stone known as the lucky charm. This stone brings in prosperity, wealth, success and harmony. It’s helps with self acceptance, gentleness and nourishment. The green correspondents with the healing energy of the heart chakra.

ROSE QUARTZ is known as the Universal Stone of love. This is a highly popular crystal is light pink in color and emits a beautiful love vibration. It’s associated with beauty, happiness and of course love. Rose Quartz can attract love in all levels, including romantic, platonic and self love.

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DANBURITE is the known as the unconditional love crystal. This high vibrational crystal connects to the Higher Heart Chakra, which is above the heart chakra and is connected to the higher dimensional love. This is a spiritual connection to universal love in all levels and aids in self love. It also helps with heart healing from trauma or relationships that left your heart broken. (High Vibe Pink Danburite Available in The Shop)

GARNET is a stone of Energy and Confidence. This dark red stone connects to the root chakra, which is the base chakra or “I Am” presence. It’s about our foundations and security. Garnet brings in self empowerment, commitment and passion. It’s helps ground energy, cultivate stability and allows one to feel confident to go for what the want.

RHODOCHROSITE is known as the stone of Compassion. It brings in joy and self worth. This can assist in forgiveness and heart healing.

MORGANITE is known for Divine love. This stone aids in emotional healing or trauma from heart breaks. It’s also helps turn past grief into wisdom as it helps give clarity to situations for growth. This crystal is connected to a higher power and gives a sense of peace, joy and love. These beautiful crystal babes, are my personal favorites for self love. Meditating with these gems on your chest as you relax and feel into the energy can bring much needed healing and love vibes into your life. You can connect and carry the crystals that resonate with you. Crystals always choose their owners, you can pick them up close your eyes and feel which ones you need to be with. Remember you are so worthy and deserve love in all forms. Practicing self love is a form of healing, so take the time to indulge in self care practices that raise your vibration and allow alignment in your life. So much love and light beautiful souls! Love and Light,


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