• By: Krystal Marie G.


Taking the journey of motherhood is the next step in the growing evolution of the divine feminine energy. This sacred connection to creation is a beautiful experience to have in every women’s life. After all the feminine energy is all about creation in many forms. The stage of becoming a mother is connected to The Empress energy. Just as seen in the Tarot, she sits on her throne, represented with beauty, fertility, and abundance all around her. She is connected to nature and open to receive. The sacred feminine holds the portal of heaven and earth between there legs. As she is a vessel for new life to enter into the world. As she unfolds like a rose into full bloom, so does her spiritual expansion. The birthing of new creation weather creatively speaking or literal, is the innate energy of the feminine. As she nurtures others, she must also remember to nurture herself. This includes the self care, love and healing in this beautiful incubation process. Creating a beautiful energy and safe sanctuary is important for both mom to be and new baby. As a new soul decides to come into this world, it’s imperative to create a gentle soothing environment. One can achieve this by creating a beautiful sacred space for both baby and mommy to feel safe, calm and relaxed in. Here are high Vibe Rituals to create a sacred sanctuary and space:


Cleanse the space with sage and eucalyptus. By doing so your removing any negative energy and creating a new positive energy for baby to be in. You can do this by simply lighting sage and eucalyptus in a heat safe dish or burner moving from corner to corner and allowing the sacred smoke to purify the room or space. Set your intention of bringing in fresh positive loving energy into the space.Open windows to allow smoke to be released. If your pregnant do not breathe in smoke or have another person the cleanse the space for you before baby arrives.


Use Crystals to radiate energy in your nursery or bedroom where baby is sleeping. Some beautiful Crystals such as Rose Quartz, Celestine ,Amethyst and Moonstone are amazing elementals to add to the space.ROSE QUARTZ is known for Love and creates a harmonious environment. Its connected to the heart chakra, and radiates a loving vibration. CELESTINE is a beautiful light blue crystal which is connected to higher divine energy and Angels. This peaceful stone is soothing and promotes sweet dreams. AMETHYST is known as the stone of Spirituality and aids in tranquility, sleep and connecting to third eye. MOONSTONE is connected to feminine energy, intuition and the energy of the moon. Brings in peace, balance and calming energy. You can place these on a nightstand or under babies crib. Do not put in the crib or anywhere where baby can grab them

SOUND: Babies are extremely sensitive to sound, so you want to create a soothing environment to help with sleep and healthy energy waves. This not only helps relax baby but also can physically/mentally enrich the babies brain development. Playing soothing nature sounds or gentle meditation music with Delta waves can contribute to longer peaceful sleep cycles, healing and steady growth. This also aids in producing crucial human hormones such as serotonin, hgh, melatonin and DHEA. Delta Waves oscillate between 0.5 - 4 hz.


Colors/lighting set the mood and energy of the room. Keeping the space light, airy and letting natural light in uplifts the vibe. Since mom and baby will be sleeping and relaxing it’s important to also have the room dark when resting with gentle lighting. Avoid harsh bright lighting, use dimers and layered light. Himalayan salt lamps have a gentle glow, create a relaxing ambience and cleanse the energy in a room. Remember babies are super sensitive to everything in their environment.


Being a new mother, it’s important to bond with baby in your sacred space. Think of it as a womb, a warm safe place to grow. Once arriving home this is a time to heal, relax and connect on a deep level with baby. Keeping baby close is important, as it helps with feedings, sleeping and building trust. Co sleeping also creates safety and comfort for both mom and baby. This not only helps mom get rest but also lets baby feel a secure attachment. The security baby feels allows for deep emotional bonding and feeling cared for as your little ones needs are being met. This also promotes more cuddling which releases the Love hormone known as Oxytocin. Your sanctuary should feel really good with lots of positive loving energy. For me personally as a new mom I have ( Beautiful Baby Bay Co side sleeper) which makes me and my newborn baby feel close and safe.

Living a high vibrational life is really about being mindful of not only your own energy but your environment. Having a gentle, safe space will aid in the happiness and growth of baby and mom. Any women that takes this beautiful journey, know how special and important this time in your life is. Remember to give yourself love so you can nurture your own needs and the needs of your newborn.



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