• By: Krystal Marie G.


Human beings are complex creatures, as we go through life many of us struggle with our real identity and who we are, what we want and what makes us happy. We have been programmed since childhood subconsciously on so many levels from our primary caregivers, our experiences, our society and even our through traumas we have. The identity or personality we develop is multifaceted, as we have so many aspects to us. Because we are Living in this programmed 3D construct, many fall into the trap of the ego and disconnect from their higher self.

The ego is our sense of self esteem and self importance. Now the ego has been labeled as something really bad and that’s not entirely true. Their is the negative ego which has completely taken control of our thoughts and actions in many cases. The ego was actually designed as a fail safe mechanism to protect us. This is the regulatory part of you that tells you eat, to sleep, that is aware of dangers around and to define yourself as an individual . The falsified or negative ego is what had been birthed through social programming. Since it’s your sense of identity, it mediates the part of the brain that is conscious and subconscious. It’s that voice in your head that desperately clings to its false identity. This often part often times takes over and can be self sabotaging at times. You can’t actually completely get rid of the “ego” but you can heal and let it take a back seat. This is where the higher self comes into play.

The Higher Self is your true self on a soul level and a huge aspect of who you truly are. This realization occurs when you step into the enlightenment of self awareness, consciousness, healing and spirituality to become your best version. This higher Aspect of you looks at things from a soul level and in an objective way. As one goes through an “awakening” they become aware of the expansive connected energy we all share as one. The higher Self is actually guiding you on a soul level. It’s that innate wisdom, your intuition and your most authentic self. Once you connect to that energy, you can see your world shift. As a collective here on Gaia we are in a the massive shift or great awakening. So many souls here on earth have been disconnected from their higher self and the universal divine energy which we come from. The goal in spirituality is to be the embodiment of the higher self in this physical body.

The merger of the higher self with the physicality of this existence brings one into alignment with who they truely are. The ego can still exist on some level but gets put in the back seat of the car, your higher self becomes the conscious driver. You can still tune into the ego but once you embody the higherself , it no longer controls you. You also become fully aware of when your in the “ego” trap and start knowing the difference. There are certain signs and patterns one will experience when in this energy. Here are a few ways to know when your in your ego and to how shift to the higher self. Making a choice to heal within and come face to face with shadows can be difficult but it’s worth doing the work. This also applies to anyone your dealing with that may be living from the ego. Understand that often times, many people are completely unaware they are doing this.

The most prominent energy of the ego is the judgement, and the negative internal dialogue. This happens by either completely belittling oneself and others or going the opposite and making themselves “better” than others. This can result in placing yourself on a high pedistol of being above others. This also happens a lot in the Spiritual community with Teachers and healers, they have a spiritual ego that creeps in with out them even realizing it. Remember the ego is false identity and sense of self, when it’s threatened it feels it needs to protect and attack. When your the embodiment of the higher self there is no judgement just observation and acceptance. This also coincides with a healthy sense of self love and positive self talk. This is also where a lack mentality comes in, as nothing is never enough, never content and constantly comparing to others.

It’s does take a lot of work to get to the point of differentiating between the two. Sometimes you actually have to completely emerge yourself in the ego so you can become your higherself. Once you do, so many amazing shifts happen not only in your own energy of the vibrational frequency you live in. This is a huge part of living and manifesting from the fifth dimension. Don’t be hard on yourself, after all you are Human! We are all learning as we go. As long as you can come into awareness and be mindful enough to actually check in with yourself, you can expand.

Love & Light,


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