• By: Krystal Marie G.


We are all energy and are vibrating at different frequencies, ranging from low to high. Since we live in a manifestation reality, we attract things to us that are frequency specific. Raising your vibration can become apart of your daily practice once you become mindful of your own energy. Healing is a very important aspect to this, because oftentimes on a deep subconscious level, we have unhealed aspects that attract unwanted energy. But once you become conscious you can start becoming more self aware and dive into your shadow work. ( read the Blog The law of vibration). When you connect to your inner temple and becoming the highest vibrational version of yourself is when your living an spirituality aligned life. Here are a few simple rituals you can do daily to help you achieve a higher vibration as you heal on your journey. :: CLEANSING :: Keeping your space and own energy is essential for creating a clear energy flow. When we go out into the world we pick up on all kinds of energies that can attach to us or lower our own vibe. Cleansing everyday can help remove negative aspects. Your home is an entity in itself and houses energy. Make sure your keeping a clear space, this is the place you live, sleep and relax in. You do this by using sacred smoke from sage, Palo Santo, herbal Incense, copal or cedar to cleanse your own Auric energy and space daily. You can easily burn these in a heat safe dish or incense holder, while setting your intention. :: GO INTO NATURE:: Nature is the most healing, as the plants, earth and air offer natural vibrational medicine. Sometimes we need to ground our energy, connect to Mother Gaia, and let her nurture us. Placing your feet into the earth, releases built up energy and resets your entire system. The connection to earth is powerful practice, as your rooting energy and uplifting your own frequency. Nature is calming, taking a walk or hike and admiring its beauty is healing. Working in a garden and connecting to plants is another great way to connect to nature. :: YOGA / MOVEMENT :: Mind, body, spirit connection creates balance. Yoga gets us centered and present, it can help release stress. Movement connects our physical bodies to higher energy. It also releases built up energy and get its flowing. Sometimes we have stagnation and need to release. Not to mention the endorphins that are chemically released makes us feel really good. So get moving, weather it’s doing yoga, hiking, walking, dancing or some physical exercise, it will benefit you. :: WATER / BATH :: Water is extremely cleansing and is connected to our emotional energy. As humans we are mostly made up of water, water is vital for life. Being near water such as a beach, lake or stream can be therapeutic and beneficial for emotional release. Taking a relaxing bath with sea salts cleanses your system, soothes sore muscles gand will relax your entire body. You can create a cleansing bath ritual, light candles add some eesential oils, salts and play some meditation music, let the sacred water wash away negative energy down the drain. :: CRYSTAL HEALING :: Get your crystal fix and heal with Crystals. Gems offer their wisdom, energy and assistance in healing. They are connected to the earth and are magical elementals. Each crystal holds a certain energy that can work within our chakra system to provide healing and connection to higher frequencies. Keeping crystals in your space creates harmony and balance. Meditating with certain crystals help align energy within. QUARTZ is known as THE MASTER HEALER, and can transmute and even store energy. It works with the entire chakra system. AMETHYST is a beautiful and well known crystal, popular for its sparking purple points. This crystal is great for Spiritual energy as well as psychic protection, tranquility and connecting to intuition. ROSE QUARTZ is a pretty pink crystal babe that is all about love. It’s connected to the heart chakra, offering loving energy to assist with giving , receiving love and healing the heart. ( Healing Crystal set available ) :: MUSIC / SOUND :: Frequency of sound holds vibrations, these vibrations can elevate and heal your energy. It can also do the opposite and lower your vibration. Be aware of what you are consuming energetically, music with low vibes will impact your energy. Words are spells, be mindful of what you are tuning into. A lot of mainstream music is programmed at lower hz to control the population subconsciously and keep the collective in a low vibration . Since music can be therapeutic and healing, it’s best to be conscious of what your listening to. Meditation music offers relaxation and lifts your vibrations. Sound healing is pure gold and the ultimate sound healer. The tones from crystal singing bowls resonate with the crystalline substance within our systems. Playing music and signing is a form of therapeutic release and can be extremely healing. :: MEDITATION :: This is by far one practice that should be apart of your daily ritual. Even doing this 5-15 mins a day will completely change your life. Being able to be present, in the moment and one with yourself allows relaxation, energy reset and connection to breathe. Their are many forms of meditation which are not limited to just sitting with your legs crossed chanting om. Yoga, connecting to nature, playing music, sitting in a quiet space and so on. Taking atleast 5 mins to be still, breathe and connect in silence does wonders. Give it a try! :: LAUGHTER :: The highest vibration is Love, Bliss, joy and happiness. Laughing is such a beautiful thing to indulge in because it’s an Instant reviver and will raise your vibration. Being able to smile and find absolute joy in something is amazing. Surrounding yourself with people who make you smile or even watching something really funny is a great way to get out of a funk and put a smile on your face. Find joy, live in your light and become a conscious creator of your own reality. These daily rituals are just little gems to help raise your vibration on a daily basis. Love & Light, Krystal

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