• By: Krystal Marie G.


We are made of energy and consciousness, as we are also our physical body, we have an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body. Just as water flows, so do our emotions, they are always changing. As humans we feel deeply and are in a constant current, either calm waters or at times massive emotional waves . We can be happy, sad, angry etc, as we feel different things in as we encounter different experiences. The word emotion stands for Energy in motion. To be in touch with how your feeling and understanding your emotions is essential to actually processing them to become fully balanced and even heal certain aspects during shadow work. To express emotions in a healthy manner is important and when one suppresses heavy emotions, it can be extremely detrimental to our physical and emotional body. Depending on ones upbringing and life experiences we can either be overly emotional or show no emotions at all. Experiencing trauma associated with our emotional needs shapes how we understand, express, actualize and feel our emotional energy. Therefore becoming balanced and understanding YES, we are ALLOWED feel different emotions, as we are human, and it’s apart of this earthy experience. Since we are currently in the shift of planetary consciousness, so much energy and emotional baggage is coming up for many who have yet to resolve these suppressed aspects. In order to understand ourselves, we need to really connect to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. For those feeling the heavy emotions and the chaos the world is experiencing, if not healed or released can manifest toxicity in the physical and even attract more heavy energy towards us. Everything is within and feeling good all the time is unrealistic, in fact you can be a very happy person and still have those days or moments of feeling sad or angry. Don’t be fooled that being “spiritual” and the “love light “ movement is only being in bliss 24/7 and that if you feel anything else your not spiritual. That’s extremely toxic form of escapism and completely spiritually bypassing. To be in complete avoidance of not wanting to feel what might be deemed as “lower vibrations “ or non spiritual is not committed to true healing. Although when you dive into the shadows, become aligned and have healed on deep levels, you do elevate and at most times can be in a blissful state of peace and understanding. Your emotional body allows you to feel and communicate, which is then felt physically in our bodies and bridges the physical to the mental. When your emotional body is in alignment you are more balanced and are living from your heart center. When unbalanced one can lack emotional intelligence, trust, not being vulnerable, lack empathy or can be overly emotional, agreesive and reactive. Usually an emotional “trigger” will be a huge indicator of something deep that needs to be addressed. The emotional energy one feels as the vibrational scale states fear, guilt shame is the lowest vibration and love, bliss, joy is the highest. If your generally a happy person who is in bliss but you experience a lower vibration, it’s not bad or makes you any less spiritually aligned. The best thing you can actually do is really feel it, understand it, see why you were triggered and release it. Ignoring those feeling for the sake of being in bliss all the time, is actually going to create more resistance and built up energy within your spiritual/ energy and physical body which will then result in many unwanted things. Including pain, ailments, illness and attracting a lower vibration/ situation to that inner core frequency. Our cells in our physical body react to our emotions/ energy and our environment. Being mindful of wha your feeling is so important. Also understanding to feel the emotion first instead of reacting immediately without thinking is important. Being triggered, projecting or taking it out on others is not the way to release. Not acknowledging how you feel and suppressing isn’t going to help heal either. Rather feeling into it, sitting with it and understanding it then releasing is healing. You can do these when you go deeper into shadow work. We are constantly being mirrored things by these situations to show us what needs to be healed, and a lesson as an experience our soul wanted for expansion.

As a reminder be gentle with yourself, allow yourself to feel, nurture those feeling, try to understand them and release them. So many people are on the planet are purging these energies and feeling so much. We are spiritual beings having a very human experience. As we have our individual realities, we also have the collected reality. From the shadows emerges the light. Krystal

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