A New Moon is approaching, with Aries Fiery energy attached. This New Moon energy in Aries is all about action. The begging of the lunar cycle, a new moon is about beginnings and setting intentions for growth as the moon grows into a full moon. Aries, the Ram and the first of the zodiacs, being a fire sign so full of power, passion and action. The fire burning within will be felt during this time. As spring Equinox just hit with flowers blooming from the earth and rebirth taking place, the energy is intense. As we leave earthy practical Virgo,now is the time to take action, to be bold, and self confident. Aries energy is a passionate, exciting sign that always is the first to move forward. During this time of new reevaluating anything that doesn't resonate with us anymore. A simple New Moon Ritual in Honor of Aries:beginnings we are springing into action and forward motions. The seeds were planted, and now just like flowers growing from earth, they are blooming into fruition. Creative energy is sprouting as we are guided to be moving towards future goals and leave anything that no longer serves us. Here is a simple New Moon Ritual:

On the night of the New Moon, even the day of, create a sacred space or alter. ( candles, flowers, statues etc.) If you are able to go outside or near a window, so you can soak up moon energies, do so. Smudging is always the best way to start, sage clears away negative energy. Meditate and really set your focus on the manifestations you want. Listening to calming meditation yoga music helps with clearing your mind to focus. Burning Incense, especially dragons blood will amplify the magic going into your Ritual. Write down the things you want on a piece of parchment paper. On your alter area use a cauldron or heat safe dish, so you can burn the paper of wishful intentions. Once you are ready, you can ignite the paper and let it burn to ashes. ( please be cautious with fire or candle magick). Meditate and release your manifestation to the universe, the fire burning is symbolic of Aries fire energy. Continue to meditate and call upon your guides, the divine to aid you in the journey forward. After all the universe really wants you go for it right now!

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